Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More On Darfur

I've blogged a bit on Darfur before
and Passion of the Present has done a superb job of covering it.

I am, however a tad unmoved by the demands of action by those who oppose similar action in Iraq.

Ralph Peters has the best take on this phenomenon I've read in a while.

Our own left mourns theatrically for Darfur's dead - but no one has formed a new Lincoln Brigade to take on Sudan's Muslims fanatics. And the uncomfortable fact that Arab Muslims are slaughtering black Muslims goes ignored. It doesn't fit the left's comfortable worldview.


Darfur deserves more than self-satisfied words. As does Iraq. And Afghanistan. And Zimbabwe. And Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and so many other "sovereign states."

Go read the whole thing.

I do not oppose action to relieve Darfur.

Such action however would have to be primarily military, at least at first. The Janjaweed will simply steal any relief supplies.

In order to get anything useful accomplished such an operation would habve to be largely unilateral, that is it would have to be done without ANY UN involvement. The UN is enabling the genocide in Darfur and the French and the Chinese are its primary instigators given that the poor blacks who live there are sitting on the oil that the French and Chinese want.

This wretched fact dovetails nicely with the belief of certain Arabs that black Africans are the "Sons of Ham" and not entitled to rights as such.

Of course if we were to invade the Sudan tomorrow, the left would suddenly remember the oil there (Sudan is SWIMMING in oil) and be indignant...when Al-Quaeda and other Arab extremists poured in to stop the "invaders" and troops started coming home in body bags the left would be crying about the poor stoopid troops sent off to die for oil. The media would hype every errant bomb, and breathlessly listen to every anti-american stringer they could fabricate.

We'd be where we are now in Iraq in short order.

If these celebraties, these millionares, these spoiled trust-funder brats were at ALL serious about doing anything other than hearing themselves cluck, they'd get on the phone to Blackwater and with the considerable fundage that comes with being a celebrity, they'd put together a merc team and send them to solve the immediate problem,and then escort the relief convoys for the NGO's they attend expensive, fashionable fundraisers for.

But they are unlikely to do so. They are too busy calling other people chickenhawks.

Darfur needs help

...not crocodile tears.

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