Saturday, August 26, 2006

T minus 2

...days 'till school starts.

Lots of overtime at work.

Lots of work still to do on the trailer/ yard.

I still haven't gotten the tuition assistance worked out yet. My "expulsion" caused all my TA paperwork to get derailed and I'm having to resubmit it, which is a time eater.

I did touch base with a counselor regards my questions about graduation. The number of courses I have to retake and new courses I need since they completely revamped the program recently is far worse than I thought. There is no longer an oceanography programme for undergraduates, but rather an "Earth Ocean & Meaterology" track that has far more stuff. Between the courses I have to take again, (because I took them soooo lon ago) and the new courses for the programme, I'm looking at 19-21 to not credits! (all lab sciences BTW)


I'm unsure of what to do. I might muddle through this, or I might switch to an Oceanography minor and Asian Studies major (the opposite of what I'm doing now) and go for my masters in aquaculture related studies. The Oceanography minor still exists and I'm well on track for that. Still this is really aggravating news.

Of course, it was not aggrivating enough to meet my monthly aggrivation quota apperantly....

I went to the library to study, and found a carrol on the 4th floor. The library is often pretty empty anyway except the 1st/2nd floors (computers I guess) and the forth floor especially so given the AC units on the roof reverberating through the ceiling, harsh lighting and 70's decor make it look and sound like a scene from Phantasm.

Anyhoo, the white noise aparrantly drowned out the alarm so the first indication that my tuition is paying for a college library that now closes at 7:30pm on Friday was the lights going off.

The second indication was the chains on the doors. (Those librarians loose no time cutting out.)

Locked in the library... oh the ignominy.


Fortunately, around 9:45pm, I convinced a passing campus policeman not only to let me out, but that I was not a thief.


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Susan said...

I thought my son was the only one who had nothing but bad luck! What a time you are going through, but at least you are on track for an education. Mine's on track for bum-hood.