Friday, August 04, 2006

Bipolar Day

Wierd and scary day.
Work was hell. I got out 2 hours late. Completely beat I had to get to Old Dominion University to take care of some stuff for my tuition assistance application. I got a shower at my folks (which is on the way) rather than backtrack zipped into the registrars office to find I was locked out....due to a library fine....Typical Ken.

So I hoofed it across the entire campus in 100 degree heat to the library, paid my 3 dollars(!) and hit the computer lab to check my E-mail and tweak my schedule.

SUPRISE! Amongst my E-mail was one from an old friend I almost never hear from! She is doing great in all aspects of her life which was really good news! She deserves it. After exchanging notes regards an unbloggable tragicomedy I went about my business. (note:this was a GOOD thing)

I logged onto the Dropp/Add page and discovered that I was STILL locked out.

This time it was not because of the 3 dollars, the screen said:


I said:

And of course, the librarian asked me to leave. I was on a students only computer doncha'know.

(This, I categorize as BAD)

So more cross campus powerwalking in 100 degree heat to the Registrar, on the FAR end of campus...then the Old Administration Building on the FARTHER end...then academic continuance...ummm which'd relocated right next to the library....where I started. I'd maintained a B average since coming back even with last semesters debacle, so I was naturally a tad indignant. A quick perusal of my records showed that I did not have a "B" at I pointed out that the semesters I'd had to drop because of COAST GUARD mobilization did not count, I was informed that I had not done the paperwork. I did as related here but of course the paperwork was in Newport News. After some wrangling I got to see the department head, using her amazing superpowers it was revealed that I was the victim of an unfortunate keystroke error. After a bit of wrangling I was reinstated as a student. (YAY, this was a good thing) Unfortunately,my accidental expulsion had kicked me out of all my classes....not being a student will do I had to reregister and several were full....which means I have to re-apply for my tuition assistance since the course numbers are all different, and I'm right at the deadline....and then they closed. (Bad thing...I guess God values balance)

Despite getting out at 4pm, I dodged the traffic somehow which is a good thing as the pickup of peril relies on relative atmospheric velocity for its air-conditioning. This happy state of affairs was duly compensated for by my catastrophic failure to sucessfully eat a plate of chowmein and drink a tea without inverting the plate....over me....while mixing the noodles... here in front of everyone in the here I am all sticky, blogging as I look at the downpour outside.....

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Susan said...

Ken! I can't believe what a tale of academic FUBAR you experienced! I hope the rest of the semester is much calmer for you!