Saturday, August 26, 2006

Energy Bloggage

A member of Brickmuppet's crack team of science babes relaxes after a hard days work.

First we start locally where NEI Nuclear Notes posts on a bit of hysteria regards the North Anna nuclear power plant right here in Virginia.

Then, as long as we are researching things nuclear we look at Energy From Thorium, where a press release from a company researching thorium based nuclear is discussed. More interestingly (to me anyway) is this piece where Kirk Sorensen discusses hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels potential to be produced as a byproduct of high-temperature nuclear processes. This could realize the potential of thermal deploymerization that I blogged on here and that Brickmuppet's crack team of deformed science geezers mentioned in passing here . This has the potential to be carbon neutral as the carbon based feedstock need not be coal as per this Energy Blog post.
Convirting this sort of rig to people-poop-power would be doubly bennificial, no more sewage! :)

This dovetails nicely into this Future Pundit piece on Brazil's ethanol program which does mention that the corn lobby is stymying the Presidents efforts to lift the tarriff on Brazillian ethanol, which is astonishingly cheap, largely because Brazil is able to get it from sugarcane.

On the pebblebed front it looks like South Africas PBR program is really gaining momentum.
As I type this, the WHOLE Google page on pebble bed nuclear nooz is referencing South Africa.

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