Monday, December 26, 2005

Well this is cute....

It's just a collectible card game, but I like the reto style and the little "episodes" are neat.

I want a series!

Not that I'm likely to get it mind you, the very thin plot of the little vignettes on the website is quite politically incorrect. The blue girl in the above feature is a captain in the space patrol of the matriarchal planet Venus, sort of a Jane T. Kirk who recognizes the need to take up arms against earth (Which has been taken over by fascists)She is therefore declared insane, striped of her command and committed....she hooks up with our decidedly non-matriarchal hero and they go on a mission around the solar system to build a coalition to fight the Axis of Evil.
(No really)
Still, even though I don't play CCGs I'm going to keep up with their little plot. It looks really cute in a Flash Gordon sortta way.

Yes it is true, I may want a Rocketmen series...but what I NEED is a life. ;)

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