Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Difference Between Reporters and......

HUMAN BEINGS is hinted at in the third story down on this Washington Post page.

It seems that a reporter doing a story on a pedophile ring convinced one of the young boys being molested to give up drugs, stop putting out, and referred him to a lawyer.

Why, you may ask, does this good deed bother me?

Because the reporter (Kurt Eichenwald) is under fire for having "...crossed the line from observer to participant."
Mr. Eichenwald says he knew he would be in hot water for this.
Well fine, if the thing that separates reporters from the rest of us is that they dare not lift a finger to do good lest they taint the story then I guess that Mr. Eichenwald has violated that and be cause of this transgression pedophiles are being rounded up and their victims are getting help.
I guess Mr. Eichenwald isn't cut out to be a reporter.

FINE!! Allow me extend a warm welcome to Kurt Eichenwald for ceasing to be a reporter and joining us in the human race.
We can use more of his kind.


tim maguire said...

When you first said "observer to participant," I thought you meant he had sex with the kid. Now I see--his crime is having given a damn.

No sir, we cannot allow that in our reporters.

Ken said...

Yeah, this to me was actually the big story of 2005. Journalisms ethics...or utter lack of them.