Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Anime Reviews: Captain Herlock

I've been watching this series as it comes out and it is seven shades of cool.

Captain Harlock (about which more here)has been one of the more iconic anime charachters for the last 30 years or so, but the shows featureing him have never really measured up to the excellent (but poorly drawn and animated) original, which was a really neat scifi-horror-cartoon. While not quite as stirring as Yamato/Starblazers, it was still really well written and nicely presented story with tragedy, honor, and libertarian (!) overtones.

There is virtually no continuity between most Harlock stories but this one is pretty much a sequel to the first series....with one glaring inconsistency....the audience relation charachter (Tadashi Daiba) from the first series is "introduced" in the first episide of this one....despite the fact that this is definately some years later.

This show rocks....beautiful animation, a genuinely creepy and engaging story and good charachter development. Har...er Herlock is still an aloof charachter but he is handled very well here.

Go buy this it rocks.....

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