Tuesday, June 22, 2004


The unfolding genocide in the Sudan is not getting nearly enough attention. Fortunately the Instapundit is on the job alerting us to this.

A few weeks ago the US Govt.was protesting the actions of the Sudanese and demanding that the millitias be reigned in. The USA has also ponied up 300 million dollars for relief, but if the relief workers can't get in to render assistance then it is of little use.

Chad, a country pretty much on its back as it is is trying to do what it can to help. I imagine they're not happy about the insidious Sharia moving towards them like carnivorous kudzu. To get an idea of what I mean here is an example of what Sharia has brough to the Sudan.

Keep in mind that the corrupt weasles at the U effing N still have Sudan on their human rights commission!

UPDATE: Here is a blog with scads of Darfur linkage.

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