Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Anime Hype!!!! NEW YAMATO!!!

Yeah baby, I'm an old school raging fanboy, and this just warmed my heart!!

A new really cool looking Yamato sequel!

Preview is in the shop section under volume 1 (it is a quicktime file)

I said cool looking the music.....just isn't Yamato. (the original soundtrack being one of the best EVER of course I understand that there were serious legal issues with using the old music, which is owned by an utterly different stidio now.

Still this is looking seriously schweet.

I am one happy fanboy.....

Update: more info here this looks to be a really limited release.

Update the second: This is NOT the same series I talked about here That one is going to be produced by the original writer, Nishizaki, while this one is a Matsumoto production. It seems that the one I mentioned months ago is still in production despite legal hurdles....which will leave one all confused about continuity... ;)

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