Monday, January 12, 2004

First Day....

First day back at college since 2001.

I figured out that I just about walked 7 miles (ODU is a big campus...and my classes are at three corners of it, with the parking garage at the fourth).

Schweet!!! I'll have the weight off in no time :)

My Japanese History class alone requires 9....yes, NINE, textbooks. With all classes my bookbag weighs nearly 80 pounds.

Shweet!!! I'll have the weight off in less time!

And since I'm full time, I've got gym privilages.....of course the knee is not quite as healed as I'd hoped, but that will come.

Classes are astonishingly surprise free, though I'm going to try to get my algebra class switched to earlier in the day, so I get home before 11:30pm..

....And I'm reading to blind students, which I'm hoping will involve fewer parking and 'cruising' tickets than meals on wheels did.

I think the reason the homework seemed so bloody hard tis time is that I actually did it....


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