Thursday, January 15, 2004

School-Day 4

WOW! I'm wiped.

Couldn't get into the Japanese class because of the bureaucratic screwups at ODU. Unless someone drops by Friday, I'll be doing independent study. (rasserfrassin'$%#@!*&....)
I've been trying to get this class fer years and something, either work schedule or reserve mobilization always keeps me out....oh well. I've got the books and I've got the syllabus. Ganbate! :)

All other classes are going well, though due to timing and prerequisites I'm not actually taking anything for my major, just my minor (East Asian Studies). Interestingly I'm being taught Japanese post Meiji-era history by a Chinese teacher and a Korean TA. This class might not be an adoring portrait of a different culture.

All the hiking has made my knee swell pretty bad, although I've restarted on my PT exercises (bad Ken). Aside from being utterly wiped I'm doing pretty well. :)

Tomorrow I pick up a 78 dollar parking decal.....sheesh!

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