Monday, May 12, 2003

The Late Unpleasantness

I actually, supported the actions in Iraq. Many of my friends did not.

Just before I left to join the Coast Guard Reserve in December I got a call from a "friend" who laughingly told me that she thought it would be poetic justice if I died in "Bush's War" given that I voted for him.

Needless to say, she is a friend no longer.

The vitriol expoused by the straightjacket-left is frightening at times.

They were utterly wrong about the war. So completely wrong that even I am astonished. The butchers in Iraq were defeated, and the Iraqi People really did welcome us as liberators.The Iraqi campaign of the larger war on terror seems to be having a benificial effect on the middle east political scene as Daniel Drezner not a right winger by any means points out.

And now Bio-labs have been found. Yellow cake (uranium) has been siezed.
The press tends to stress the riots while ignoring things like
this which jives with what I've heard from people coming back from there.

Did we have to do this thing. NO! We could have played the game of unprincipled pragmatism that helped to shore upSaddam in the first place. Hell, the damned oil companies wanted to raise the sanctions and NOT go to war so that they could get at the oil. This was certainly the path the French took. What Bush did took guts. Blair backing him took even more guts. The Eastern European nations Standing up to France took guts, and John Howard, standing almost alone amogst his contrymen (at first) took...GUTS!

A people were freed. Weither they can keep their freedom is up to them in the long run. The War on terror will likely be easier in the long term. We killed people, but we saved far more. Had we done this sooner more would have been saved a trip to the plastic shredder.
There have been bannanna wars that brought shame on this country. This was not one of them. This was something to be proud of.

And those who called me and other servicemen baby killers can rest assured that this was not done in their name.

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