Sunday, April 20, 2003

This just looks kewel!

Captain Harlock or Herlock (their seems to be some debate on that point) is a charachter of Japanese comic artist Leiji Matsumoto. He appeared in a series in the late 70s. While the show was not a high budget one and even by the standards of the day not terribly well animated, the show was reall neat. It combined Sci-Fi with a bit of horror in a dystopic future where the greatest hero is a space pirate fighting an opressive government at home and a creepy advanced alien race bent on world domination abroad. This show was well paced and all round neat. However, though Herlock/ Harlock has appeared many times in cartoons and comics since the 70s these later incarnations have been rather tepid and occasionally have sucked. This on the other hand looks to be very faithful to the spirit of the original and beautifully animated as well! I'm looking forward to this in a big way...I've just got to find a copy. Looks like 13 eps.

Matsumotos art style is rather jarring to those not familiar with it. Todays Anime styles are even farther from his than ever before, I however have always had a soft spot for his work (he did a lot of the designs for Star Blazers) and am very glad to see him active again.

Update: My friend Ed, who has seen a bit of it, says this really is a kick ass series.

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