Sunday, April 20, 2003

Wow! Full Time Hours at My Part Time Job!

On March 10 I was called up to active duty on title 10 orders. I'm in the US Coast Guard Reserve assigned to an MSST (Marine Safety and Security Team). I'm enlisted and my specialty is "Marine Science Technician".

My entry into the USCG was rather unusual, I had an applicable Civillian Skill (Hazmat Responder for UPS) and so was sent to a two week reserve indictrination course. When activated I was rather the fish out of water having fewer days in service than most in my unit had years! Still, I'm catching up and am boarding team qualified which is a good thing. I hyperextended my knee two weeks ago which is a bad thing, this is keeping me at the desk where I can catch up on ratespeciffic skills which is a good thing (2 goods 1 1 good...positive thinking is important)

I live in a millitary town and all services are represented. I can say with some confidence that the United States Coast Guard is the best service to serve in. Weither it is a small boat rescue station, a cutter on Law enforcement patrol, a bouy tender , a cruising cutter going around the world hunting pirates, showing the flag and fighting wars or an icebreaker exploring the polar wastes there is just about nothing in the Coast Guard that is dull and boring. If you, gentle reader, are under twenty nine or have a college degree (or a wierd hard to find practical skill) I highly reccomend you give it a try....unless your in the Navy which case, you have my condolances... :)

Obviously blogging will be intermitent for a bit since I'm on active duty and there will be precious little blogging about the Coast Guard (loose lips sink ships cutters and small boats). Still as I'm at a shore station, I have some chance to indulge my hobbies.....

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