Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hemp Car! :)

While coping with one of those secret undisclosed occupational hazards of energy research, one of the Brickmuppet's crack team of science babes seems a bit dishelved as she attempts to document all of the colors coming out of her stereo.

Anyway...she's been doin' research don' give her any grief 'cause she's found out all about Henry Fords hemp car.

Actually, AutoGreen found it and corrects some of the videos slight inaccuracies here.

Really interesting! Before William Randolph Hearst made up the name marijuana and successfully got Hemp banned to protect his wood-pulp investments, (no really) hemp was on the cutting edge of plastics technology. Less environmentally friendly petroleum based processes pretty much completely took that over after WW2.

This dovetails nicely into hemp biodiesel which may not be as practical as some other bio-fuel processes but is interesting nonetheless...(how these people are able to DO this research without getting busted is beyond us , but Brickmuppet Blog is grateful for the restraint or incompetence that made this possible).

Hell...go read the whole list of hemp links at AutoGreen....we're...going to McDonalds.

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