Friday, February 23, 2007

What could make the week more aggravating?

Oh yeah.....
...evil machine gun-toting loli-goth NAZI cyborg maids in thigh-highs on a train.
I HATE those galz.

*Does anyone have any idea WTF this is from?

Update: Stephen DenBeste seems to have nailed down the source as but the artist remains uncredited for now as I can't read Korean at all. Meanwhile, Andrew links in the comments to another less SFW piece by the same artist.
Yes, I'd missed the thigh-highs first time has been fixed.
What is the appeal of the NAZI thing? I mean this goes well beyond "bad-girl" fixation, it's practically like devil worship, though not much worse, I suppose, than the Che' or Mao chic on college campuses.


Wonderduck said...

My guess is fanart or something like that.

Andrew F. said...

Did you find this on danbooru? I ask because that's the only other place I could find it. There's another (rather NSFW) picture which looks to be by the same artist (note the lettering on her stockings). Neither danbooru post gives any useful information regarding the source; if it were from an anime or manga they would probably be tagged with the name of said anime/manga. So it's probably fan art with original characters.

I did some serious Googling in Japanese and English in an attempt to find where it was originally posted, but no luck.

Steven Den Beste said...
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Steven Den Beste said...

Ah, for crying out loud.

Would you please delete my previous message?

It came from here:

Wonderduck said...

...and I misunderstood your original question. You knew it was fan-art, you were trying to figure out the artist.

That's what happens with three hours of sleep. Your mind gets all squishy.

Moreso than normal, I mean.