Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh....That Week

UPS has changed my hours.

I cannot attend Japanese class with any frequency.

I've asked to do independent study but the language department requires a minimum number of days attended, you can only miss 8 days and its a 5 day a week class so....

This is the THIRD attempt to take the second year Japanese class...reserve mobilizations and work conflicts have thwarted me before.....I'm miffed.

OTOH It looks like I
MAY be allowed to audit it and sit for an entrance exam into the next class.

My blood pressure medication is beginning to have pretty much ALL of the side effects on me, from nausea to dizziness to persistent cough to insomnia and others that are just rude to blog about.

Without it I'm just about at a normal BP level now, but I'm supposed to keep taking it till June...suck!

A book I needed for a paper I'm turning in Tuesday has not come in yet...I PREORDERED IT a month ago. Friday I finally found a copy and paid for it....AGAIN.

The clutch died in the Pickup of Peril....this is not a cause for legitimate complaint as I'd gotten it working for 4 months with twist ties, 2 pieces of wood and a bolt. :)

I threw my back out Monday....ouch. Wearing brace to work.

This and next week are exam weeks. I took off from work for my Japanese exams Thursday and Friday....but my oral exam was rescheduled for Tuesday so getting there is an issue.

Nothing life threatening or really bad especially given what other people are having to deal with right now. But it is aggravating nonetheless.


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