Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not All War News is Wretched or Stupid

After the last post I need a shower, but I'm too busy, so here are several good to middling stories that, being good to middling will likely not get enough coverage.....

So let us now delude ourselves and assume that one z-list blog can tip the scales of public opinion...and commence tilting!! :)

Captain Ed reports that the Kurds have signed on to the oil sharing idea advocated by so many of us! This is HUGE and a very good sort of huge to boot! :) This gives the Sunnis vestment in the country....they now have something to lose if it falls apart. It also indicates a willingness on the part of the Kurds to move forward and away from the memory of Saddam.

Winning hearts and minds is actually going well in some places.

Patrick Ruffinni's overview has gotten wide circulation the past week but it is heartening. Aside from just rattling off a bit of good news he points out that the lack of coverage certainly indicates that there is a lower number of the sort of stories the defeatophillic press likes to instead we get dead Anna 24/7. Iraq is a place where no news is good news as the good news is so rarely reported.

Tony Blair's decision (made quite a while ago BTW) to draw down more troops has been sen by many (not altogether unreasonably) as giving up, is actually not quite that. The BBC reports that he will send troops in again if the situation deteriorates. The troops in question are being pulled out because the areas in question are being turned over to the Iraqis....that would in fact be progress...but "progressives" might not recognize it.

Sayeth Blair

The UK is to withdraw 1,600 troops from Iraq but Mr Blair said numbers could increase again "if we're needed".

He told MPs on Wednesday that the remaining 5,500 troops would stay until 2008.

There are other fronts in the war and Miserable Donuts has some good and therefore underreported news from Afganistan

It also looks like the idea of hijacking planes is, as suspected, rather less likely to succeed now.

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