Sunday, February 25, 2007

Damn Them To Hell....

A US soldier has been dishonorably discharged and sentenced to a century in a military prison for war crimes.

Michelle Malkin posts on the waste of skin who just plea bargained himself out of the gallows.

Others may yet get the death penalty, one can hope.

Regards this case, I typed some quite unkind things to The Major, whom I disagree with on a number of issues, and who I'm convinced is utterly wrong about a few things.

I'm sorry Major.

It should also be pointed out that Malkin is correct, this is in NO way normal for any of our services. We all are humiliated by these actions. And they do not reflect on the reality of our military.

Perceptions, however, are a big part of how this war is fought.

The actions of these four evil men have badly hurt us.
The town in question turned to the terrorists because they promised to hand out justice to those who had committed this abominable act. They did so, brutally killing thee members of the squad these men belonged to....Barker then confessed during a debriefing.
These men have handed the terrorists an actual moral victory.
This reinforces the view too many have of our troops, it elevates AlQuaeda in the eyes of a very honor conscious society.

All of which seem to fade in importance in contrast to the unspeakable horrors that little girl felt in her last moments.

I feel ill....

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