Saturday, February 03, 2007

...and Don't Forget to Check out Pulp Junkie

...He's got another review up already, this one's an early Hitchcock piece.

Pulp Junkie is always good about noticing interesting details that most of us overlook...for example...

One last odd artistic choice: during the jury deliberations, Sir John is worn down by a series of objections from his fellow jurors, each followed by the line "How do you answer that, Sir john?" Each time the line repeats, an additional juror joins in, resulting in a sort of chant. An oddly theatrical (almost panto?) moment of unreality, something mainstream film largely lost with the advent of sound. The extra detail of sound seemed to encourage an increase in literalism in film making.

I've added him to the blogroll of course. Do check him out from time to time.

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