Sunday, January 07, 2007

Viking May Have Missed Martian Life

According to one Dr. Schulze-Makuch the Viking probes sent to Mars in the 1970's may well have missed martian life because their instruments were looking for lifeforms very unlikely to have evolved on Mars. I fact the tests were likely absolutely lethal to any Martian bacteria that might exist.

This interesting and promising hypothesis is, of course, given the worst possible spin by CNN.

Scientist: NASA found life on Mars - and killed it

Preemption interplanetary...

I for one am shedding no tears over the fact that earth children will never have to cower in fear of fierce Martian tripods.


Egyptoid said...
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Egyptoid said...

Thanks for still linking to my 1.0 Blog
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I have valued memories of Martian Tripods, I'll have you know...