Sunday, January 07, 2007

Surprise at the Comic Book Store

UPDATE: Over at the ADS website Collen Doran has posted Allan Harvey's excellent primer for the series here.

A Distant Soil #38 is finally out...

and in my hot little hands!

I got a copy of THIS one before it sold out!

This superb Sci-Fantasy story is one of less than half a dozen comics I still get. The art is superb, the writing is top notch and the story is a fascinating and compelling mixture of political intrigue, and superhero ideas in a science fantasy setting.

The book has some of the absolute best thought out and realized villains to ever grace the pages of comics.

For those of you that were not so lucky as I in getting this long awaited issue I shan't post any spoilers....just a general "Oh...crap!". I've got to go read it again.

It was worth the wait, very nicely done!

If you're not buying this book you're just wrong.

Volume one of the trade paperback is here.

Note: The superhero aspects are definite but this is not really a superhero book as such. That is important to some people.
This book is not aimed at young kids.
I know that if I don't post that someone who peruses my wing-nut blog will buy the book for little Timmy and have a coronary when they realize that there is occasional nudity and a couple of the characters are gay people

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