Monday, October 23, 2006

THWARTED...By my Own Cunning Plan?

It's been an awkward semester, between the hospital stay, the back injury, double shifts at work and the intermittant power at my trailer (utillity construction). Still, although I have struggled a bit in Kanji, I'm doing well in Japanese. I'm catching up, aced my Japanese exam and am pretty much recovered.

I'm doing even better in the Coast Guard.

I can't advance untill I lose some more weight, but now that I'm off the steroids for my back injury, the weight is coming off again. After the steroid spike I've lost a net 20 pounds in the past 7 months. I'm loosing weight again. I've also got lots of my qualifications signed off.....

So, now that I've got my boarding officer qualifications signed off, I decided to volunteer for a 30 day active duty stint in the Coast Guard. This would be over Christmas to give Active Duty members some time off.


Cunningly, this has the perk of avoiding December at UPS. ;)

Unnnnfortunately, I found that there are only 45 and 60 day stints available. So I volunteered to do my 2 weeks over Christmas and stand duty over the holidays.

Now it looks like I'll be doing 2 weeks of active duty time next cover Thanksgiving.

In the middle of the semester.

The hospital stay, double shifts at UPS and now this....the semester may well be hosed.


Oh well, nothing I'm taking this semester is not offered next, I was just taking 2 classes anyway. I get my tuition back too so if it happens it is a minor annoyance.

On the plus side I might well get some cutter time. :)

And, in the final analysis, there are no singing pumpkin trees, so it's all good!

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