Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pickup of Peril....1984-2006

The 1984 Isuzu Pup (Diesel) I've been driving for over a decade, and driving exclusevely since my Metro threw a rod has died.

Its engine practicaly exploded on Hampton Blvd. on the way to my exam. Bravo Zulu to Police Detective E.F. Brown who helped me get the vehicle out of the road and into a faculty parking lot and a lot of thanks to the parking dept. for not fining me for the smoldering wreck I left in the professors parking lot.

The little truck smoked like a forest fire, was unairconditioned, falling apart and a thorough rustbucket, but it got 40+mpg and aside from persistent clutch issues had been pretty reliable. It will be missed.

After getting it to the school and running across campus, I just barely made it to class for my 2nd Japanese midterm (the oral portion) which I did well in. However, without transportation, I'll be dropping out of school regardless of what happens with the Coast Guard.


After the Hospital stay and tuition assistance fiascos, plus all the home repair bills, I'm not going to have alternate transportation for about a month and a half.


My ATM/Visa card cracked last week and I had to get another one mailed...It had not arrived as of this morning, which leaves me in Norfolk with no money tap. This evening is going to be interesting.

Fortunately there are no tunnels between me and work so I can ride a bike (or even walk if necessary) which is just as good given that I still need to lose a bit of weight.

Next semester for sure......

I'm stuck in the library and am on a computer that I won't be able to use in a few minutes......as I'll no longer be a student.

"There are no pumpkin trees ...."
"There are no pumpkin trees...."
"There are no pumpkin trees..."


Marina said...

Good luck Ken. I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope for the best

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ken. Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

Susan said...

Are you perhaps feeling that if it weren't for bad luck, you would have no luck at all? You are the only one I know whose luck is as bad as my younger son's! I hope things are looking up for you soon.

Ken said...

I'm healthy.
I've got enough lesiure time to blog occasionally.
I am getting more hours at work.
There is nary a singing pumkin tree in sight.I'm only loosing 4 months.

I'm doing pretty well actually.

Egyptoid said...

I can't even number the times I've been with Ken, and said to him: okay no, I'll drive.