Saturday, September 02, 2006

Great Googly Moogly....

....what a mess!

It wasn't a Hurricane, nor a tropical storm, just a big thunderstorm when it got to us, but Ernesto spread a completely inordinate ammount of chaos around Hampton Roads, especially Newport News and Hampton.

Flooded streets, downed trees and lots of power outages including my house. Mary Imaculate hospital suffered a total power failure possibly as a result of lightning interacting with their generator.

The UPS building suffered power surges that knocked out equipment and computers....the morning was quite chaotic.

My trailer lost some of the skirting I'd replaced the other day and as of noon when I got home from work had suffered other minor damage. I left to avoid getting trapped by rising water. I'm on the southside now at a cybercafe.

Interestingly I saw several ambulances were towing zodiacs today.

I thought Isabel's damage was disproportionate, this is ridiculous.

If a big hurricane ever hits here we are well and truly screwed.


Ha! saved draft before I lost power again!

Been super busy and without power till this morning.

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