Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back in the Hickhotel

Yesterday, I accomplished much. :)

Got water heater
Installed same
Pressure washed trailer
Got water back on in trailer
Repaired part of floor.
Did Laundry
Fixed Airconditioner (finally)
Fixed lawnmower...(this amazed me)
Cleared limbs and bicycle (!?) out of yard
Repaired skirting

Today I just have to cut the grass and fix the shower and continue cleaning the house which has been accumulating desbris therough the summer.

I've been staying at the folks for the last few months in part because of the waterheater fiasco, but also because their cats and the bird needed watching while they were down south anyway and their house is 15 minutes from the CG base. Of course being an hour from my house has merely delayed its repair......

.....but now I'm once again living the dream of sophisticated white trash living. :)

I should get it all fixed just in time for this......


Susan said...

I hope not! I hope it misses you and all of Florida, or downgrades itself or turns around, or *something*! No one is ready for this again.

Good job on all the fixing you did, that was a lot of work!

So, where's the lawn in your picture? =)

Marina said...

Here is hoping for the best Ken! Try and keep dry.