Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Banality Blogging...@#%!

Due to the leg/back injury, I can't work for several days, though I expect to be back by next week.

The leg thing is still painfull and I can only sit for short periods (driving a stick shift is a B%$*h). I'm nondeployable for the next week or so and as per regulations I reported this. This led directly to worries that I'd be placed in the IRR by the Coast Guard. That doesn't seem to be the case now as I spent this afternoon talking to a CG medic. (that is a relief)

OTOH the Tuition assistance is now problamatic to say the least. Yesterday it looked to be delayed, but today it seems unlikely that I will get it.

NOT THAT IT MATTERS MUCH!! I went to the registrar to discuss that my Tuition Assistance Paperwork was delayed, and what my options are.

After hobbling between VA services, the cashier and the registrar twice and being told contradictory things from each of them, here is what I've put together...

ODU no longer accepts tuition assistance vouchers.
They will accept the money when it comes in (December) but late fees and collection actions incurred before then will apply.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!???

I've been working to get my credit rebuilt after the convention fiasco, the gap in pay from my mobilization, 4 months of no work last year because of the knee injury and the trailer /car repairs and medical bills....and now this change in policy says that if/when I get set up with tuition assistance I'LL STILL BE GIGGED FOR LATE/COLLECTION FEES?

Suddenly, I lost my southern gentility....

OK fine, So I tried to get them to set me up with the payment plan. This kills my cash flow for the next 4 months but it beats credit problems.
"What? The deadline has passed?"

So my options are:
pull a semesters tuition out of my ass...
pay in instalments but get gigged for late payments...
move to Guyana...

Keep in mind that this mess is almost entirely because they expelled me by accident in the first place.

I'm pretty sure I can get this fixed so I can at least pay on the payment plan. I'll find out by Friday.If things go badly I'll just have to get in touch with my inner Sherman.

And my leg still hurts like hell....

In fairness, the VA liasion said that ODU has been hit with a tremendous ammount of fraud with the TA situation over the last few years. I don't blame them for changing the policy. I'm upset that since I've been by there 4 times they didn't mention it 'till yesterday...after the deadline for all arraingements that don't involve credit calamities.


Although I am as yet without much in the way of credit, at least I have no other current debt so this is ultimately not the end of the world.

Oh well, enough of my Walter Mitty lifestyle, on with blogging....which you've already read as you read this because that's just the way blogs work.

Oh, and in the future...that Drama Imminent sign or the Banality Blogging header should be a warning to you to just ...scroll. :)

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