Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Banality Blogging: Power, Mice, School, TA (but not T&A)

Power has been twitchy since the storm.

I'm at the Cybercafe right now.

When I got the Washer & Dryer running the other day I ran a load of clothes through that had been folded up on the bed for 6 months and were...musty.

Upon pulling them out I realized that there had been at least one dead mouse in the washer (very dead...but not all the way gone) and my clothes were well decorated with odorifferous mouse pieces.

This was a net loss in my estimation.

School is hectic, I'm still having TA (Tuition Assistance) trouble. I've got to get the ESO from my unit to sort it outand he's busy because there was a pesky storm. No fault there he's doing his main job. I've got till the 17th though.

Still looking for a girl who can stand me (and who's name doesn't end in .jpg). :)

Bizzy,Bizzy.... have saved rough drafts of posts on carriers, battleships, alternate energy, Space Stuff, and moonbattery.

Will likely be able to post them and more Brickmuppetry by Friday.

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