Thursday, September 07, 2006

Banality Blogging ChippendaleKen Edition...

I Finally seem to have Power...fer sure this time....There is annoying damage to the trailer, nothing catastrophic just more skirting and a window in the spare room is cracked.

Clutch went out in the Pickup of Peril.

My ...umm...pants fell down at work...
(this is good because I'm definately loosing or redistributing's bad because...well, my pants fell down at work)

The pants then got caught by a parcel strap, caught in the sort aisle, and had the zipper wrecked and the button removed as I extracted them.

What in the hell?

I mean damn! This was like a @#*&! Mr. Bean skit.

I used a stapler, tape and ultimately a supervisors belt to stay at work.

Got home got shower, went to school (driving without a clutch is a beeeotch), finished school got into truck started driving home and realized that today is my one day a week caligraphy class.

So I fought my way back through 3:00 traffic to arrive late. Had to explain my tardieness in Japanese, which I did badly.
I talked to the fellow next to me to find out that he is an Officer in the USCG.


Now I was late and spoke jacked-up japanese in front of an officer....and I've got to be extra on my toes all during class. He may even be transferring to my unit.

ODU has locked out my university E-mail account, which I learned today is absolutely vital for my caligraphy class. Tomorrow I should get that cleared up.

Fortunately I can rest assured that as the day is over, nothing else can possibly....

Oh yeah ....that....

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