Monday, July 24, 2006

Shepard Smith SHUT UP!!

I have generally liked Shepard Smith of FOX News.
Now however, he has gone and made an asshat of himself. I was watching him broadcast from Israel last night on the rocket bombardment of an Israeli town. He gave the street he as on and the distance he was from a hospital.

He then reported that a rocket had landed very close to his position....and GAVE THE DISTANCE AND BEARING OF THE HOSPITAL TO THE ROCKET IMPACT. A bit later anothe rocket landed....closer to the hospital which he dutifully reported....this nonsense continued.

Shep...this is called artillery spotting.
You are letting Hezbollah know where their fire is landing so they can correct the aim of the next salvo. Don't give me the "They don't watch FOX." nonsense. If they are smart, they have CNN,BBC, FOX, MSNBC AlJazeera and everything else they can get running simoultaneously on seperate sets just waiting for some reporter to let slip this sort of info.

Perhaps you would be happier with a gig at the New York Times....

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Susan said...

What an idiot! Of course they are watching! How else are they going to know their ratings? They plan policy based on their reviews, I'm certain. The more sympathy they get, the more they up the attacks. It's just a repeat of the same media mistakes as 40 years ago, so I guess we didn't learn anything in Vietnam.