Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Betting Her Name is Thelma....

The US and Israelis have combined a cat-girl and a laser cannon to come up with the ultimate weapon.

Actually the THEL was a big leap forward in AAA, but its expensive and toxic fuels (it was a chemical laser) rendered it unsuitable for mobile deployment.

Given the toll the Hezbollah rockets are taking as I type this, it might have been good to set up several non-mobile arrays in northern Iraq.

Murdoc links to an article on what may be THEL's successor Skyguard.

Skyguard certainly doesn't look at all mobile, but if high powered enough could be a inner layer ABM system or provide for defense for a city. For compact nations like Israel and perhaps even Taiwan and Japan it might well make sense to buy lots and set up a laser defense system.

Projectile weapons have certain advantages over DEWs but lasers do look promising for some applications.

For a primer on lasers and scifi weapons in general go here.

For an explanation of what madness gripped the above artist......I can't help you. But if you are really exited by that sort of thing, then you should keep that to yourself while clicking here.

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jonson said...

Nice image. I don't know why these things aren't getting more attention. If the tech improves some it seems that they might open a nice window to take care of a few problems around the world. Say we had a few hundred around Seoul or Iran...

Nice blog, btw.