Sunday, June 04, 2006

What if They Threw a Revolution and No one Cared...

Gateway Pundit is still on the Iranian protests like ugly on a moose.

Nothing on CNN, FOX or MSNBC as of 6:00pm Sunday.

Ignoring this story is criminal, this is a huge story and for all its tragedy it shows that Muslim people WILL fight for freedom and against their nuttball governments. But that's not a story they want to tell.

Instapundit has more on the implications of the story they will cover and will run into the ground for the next year if it is true. I am not as convinced that this atrocity happend as is being presented as I was the other day. Part of the reason for that is stuff like this and most of all this.....

....dishonest, lazy, and playing into the hands of the enemy.

Much like the non-coverage of the uprising they are ignoring, that could make the world a far better place if only people knew to give support.

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