Sunday, June 04, 2006

Biofuel Nooz

Our good doctor here seems less sanguine than her colleagues did a few months ago....


Via the Energy Blog comes this report from Iowa State on an aparrant breakthrough in turning corn stalks into ethanol, and this overview of a Canadian project that hopes to use a wide variety of waste to produce Ethanol. Regards the latter link. Jim at the Energy Blog does point out that the company in question doesn't have any experience in this area which may explain their 78 cents a gallon claim.

In other biofuel news, via Green Car Congress, comes this story of Phillipine President Arroyo ordering all unused land on military bases to be planted with Jatropha trees.I'm not sure if this is a productive use of the Phillipine Army's time (they are fighting a very hard war against islamic insurgents). I'm also unconvinced of the Jatropha System as a viable alternative, though it might be helpful.

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