Monday, March 13, 2006

Sometimes it Really Does Come Down to One Man With a Wrench.....

....or one really tough woman with a boat.

The Times Picayune of Louisiana reports on the citations of some of the Coast Guards Heroes of the Katrina debacle.

Among them Petty Officer 1st class Rodney Gordan who, according to the article, single-handedly got the generators for the fuel pumps at Station Belle Chase running, without which the titanic recue effort would NEVER have happened.

Also among those honored was Petty Officer 1st class Jessica Guidroz who drove off sixty people attempting to loot the Coast Guard station and calming an irate crowd threatening 18 firefighters before proceding to conduct rescue operations with her boat!

A quibble with the article: There is no Coxwain rate... it is a qualification, (I assume she is a Botswains Mate).

As the A-listers the whole thing there's lots more!

Update: PO Guidroz is a first class...corrected that:
More from the Coast Guards District 8 Website: Here

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BM2, USCG said...

Hi. I"m Jessica Guidroz. You're right, I'm actually a Boatswainmate 2nd Class. I am also qualified as a Coxswain! The guy from the Times Picayune (local paper) must not have been paying attention!