Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wow! Just like Teapot Dome......

....but with murder.

Michelle Malkin has an extensive post on the Abramoff Scandal.

So....when do we get that 3rd party?

LOTS of conservatives from moderates like Glenn Reynolds to social conservatives like Malkin here are quite despondent about about this sort of thing. Between pork, immigration, snoopgate and now THIS many of us are just about ready to take tar, feathers and fire ants to the RNC. We did not check the "R" collum on our ballots to get "D" lite.

The only thing that the republicans have going for them right now is the sheer manaical maoist moonbattery the Dems seem determined to embrace. The sword of damocles hanging over the nation and the war effort that a democratic victory represents is the only thing that is saving republican politicos from the wrath of their own constituents.

As these stories develop that sword seems to be rather lower, and its falling seems like less of a danger (it might not go in too deep....it might miss vital organs)....and somewhat more like a chance to reach the sword and enact change ourselves.

UPDATE:NPR radio bit on this story.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Captain ED on the fallout

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