Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The New Years Celebration.....

Over the weekend I dashed up to see some friends in the DC area for the first time in several months. There was a quiet party and the hosts outdid themselves with hospitality. Much shrimp was consumed and we watched the Silent Call of Cthullu movie, the Dr. Who Christmas Special the pre-code offense-o-rama Tarzan and his Mate as well as some random anime including a bizzare sitcom about a geeky hemophelliac vampiress. (!?)

The high point however was the apperance of a friend I hadn't seen in several years who related this wacky adventures that resulted from his descision some years ago to "lead an interesting life". Amongst them his carrer as a drag singer! That story alone was worth the trip! He's doing quite well with that as well as his freelance computer business.
Yes, go buy his CDs, he rocks.

All in all a pretty pleasant, if quiet weekend.

Of course as always happens on January first...I aged...sigh. I'm 36 er, yay!

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