Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tim Kaine Gives Dem response

Test Pattern on MSNBC.com

Still a test pattern.....

Need to get to television but I'm trapped.

OK Kaine is talking about Health Care.

Kaine is not a good speaker....coming after a Bush speech that is saying something.

Still talking health insurance.

Now talking war.

Harping on inaccurate info prewar.

At least he wants to win.

"There's a better way." Seems to be the theme but poorly delivered.

Making populist rather than rational arguments for energy policy. ie Gig the energy companies.

Seems to be in agreement on imigration but wont admit it.

The better way seems to take the plae of the "third way".

I think he just referred to the Declaration of Independance as a governing document.

Harps on cronyism...no argument there.

Decent but not a compelling speaker.

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Egyptoid said...

your blog dies at Jan.31 for me