Tuesday, January 31, 2006

STOUSpeech livebloggage...

C-Span flamed out on me so I came in at 9:10pm.

He's pointing out the expansion of representative govt since 1945....
Cool, he mentioned Zimbawe.

Says main enemy is Radical islam...(duh!)

Murder children and other atrocities good put it out there.

Hmm boths sides standing at "we will fight to keep it".

No peace or honor in retreat.

Afganistan/ Iraq sets out plan. Same plan but he's mentioning it.

3 years pointing out the progress.


Yay! Both sides standing for "confidence" hmm...

Ummm...discisions involving millitary will not be made by politicians.....well thats problematic.

YES!"Hindsight alone is not wisdom. Second guessing is not strategey"

"We must keep out word. Defeat Our Enemies ans stand behind the troops ih this vital mission."

Now honoring the troops....

Dead soldiers family in gallery...Sheehan still silent.

Hope is weapon.

Elections are vital but not the only thing. Rule of law ect....Oh cool he's putting the screws to Egypt.

He just set conditions for Hamas, puting pressure on them.

Now is laying down law on Iran.

Pretty much unanimity in nuke Iran being bad thing.

He's apealing to the Iranian people.....very nice touch.

He's segueing into foreign aid.

Talking about domestic terror, both sides stand to thank domestic security types.

Only right stands to support patriot act....

He is defending the comunigate bit.

He claims it has prevented attacks..hmmm.

Dems do not stand to support not being hit again....(well...not really but...)

Goes over both Dem and Republican non isolationist presidents.

Both sides stand to support backing him. wow!

Jobs Yay!

Economics + complacency= bad

Speaking out against protectionism.

Setting out "better path"

Tax relief! Good grief he is going for broke!

Nope no bipartisanship on this one....none.....none at all...

Cutting 140 programs cut deficit in half by 2009.


Line Item Veto...."golf clap"

Medicare...medicade reform. Hmmmm

Dems cheering at lack of social security action.

Oh dang! A commision! pooh!

1 out of 5 jobs in us tied to trade.

Immigration Reform!?

Stronger border protection.


Affordable heath care!?

We wha?

Feds strengthening Doctor patient relationships?

I .... I what?

Savings accounts...OK

Medical liability reform...OK

America addicted to oil.


Advanced initiative.

Nukes! yay!


Ethanol in 6 years......yes the Dems are standing.

75% of oil replced by....by.....by.....

Humnan talent..

American competitiveness initiative.

Nanotech, supercomputing, energy....(but not stem cells)

Lots of teachers....no mention of the education schools which are the problems IMHO.

Oooookay...how does the govt have much to do with morality....gah!

Loooong glittering generality there....

A fw bos for Roberts ansd Alito...

Oh dang....cloning ban! !2#$%&^#@!

Public trust moment.

Yet another program....this one for the kiddies.

New Orleans recovery speech...

MSNBC just flaked out....

Talking about AIDS.

Need to look up Ryan White Act...

No mention of NASA....dang.

Distracted by loon at cybercafe.

Only missed 30 seconds....its over.

Much more overview and links to even more at Instapundit.

I liked it in general though I find the cloning ban and new entitlements and comittees troubling to say the least.

I really liked the energy talk which isn't new but it's good he's pointing out that this is being done.

Funniest moment IMHO was when he got the dems to cheer for not saving social security. That was just bizzare.

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