Saturday, December 10, 2005

Send a Letter to Haley Barbour Now!!!

A travesty of justice is looming in Alabama.

Cory Maye, a man with no criminal record had his house broken into by masked me wielding guns. He positioned himself between them and his 18 month old daughter. He fired at and killed one of the assailants.

They turned out to be cops....on a drug bust with a "no knock warrant".....busting into the WRONG HOUSE!!!

3 abominations of government in a row.

Now the prosecutor has thrown in a fourth.

Cory Maye is on death row!

Full story here and here.....

If the facts are as stated this man did NOTHING wrong. This is why government should be reigned in. This is also why we have the concept of executive clemency, for those times that committee-think breaks down and does something as stupid, unjust, ignorant, pigheaded, and evil as this.

While a murdering gangbanger is being plead for and toasted by the professional whining class this man who has done what anyone with a brain, a conscience and a shred of responsibility would have done in the same circumstances moves anonymously towards death at the hands of the state.

Via the Blogfather there is also this link to Silent Running's letter and contact information.

Update:Instapundit links to several takes on this case...there seems to be considerable bipartisan outrage, though the tookiephiles are still oblivious or don't care.

Thanks to the Instapundit for highlighting this and Radley Balko for digging it up and staying on it like ugly on a moose.(his site has numerous updates)

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