Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lion: Check ...Witch:Check: ...Wardrobe: Check

Needing a bit of down time between the grind of UPS/School/Trailer-Chaos and the impending cram session this weekend for next weeks exams, I abducted Rambling Rebuilder to go see the new Narnia picture.


Just Wow!

A very nicely done movie. Superb actors, very good effects and was generally faithful to the story to boot. While not quite the jaw dropper that the LOTR films were, the film was beautifully done.

This was much more of a kids film than LOTR, but it was more subtle and sophisticated than a lot of today's films. Dialog and music were spot on.

There were very good visuals too.The Narnia books have a cornucopia of fantasy creatures from wildly divergent (and somewhat incompatible) mythologies and the pulling off of the interaction of Santa Claus, Centaurs, Minotars, Vampires, Saytrs, Cyclopses, Gryphons, Giants and...Beavers...was very impressive.

Neither Rambling Rebuilder nor I could remember if one particular wardrobe item was in the original book , but if it was not the movie crew was really thinking. No spoilers but keep your eye on the Battlegown of the White Witch during the battle...and think (something this movie encourages).

The films statements on the meaning and obligations of responsibility and duty are conveyed without any condescension, indeed there is no preaching at all. The film gives its young audience enough credit to be able to figure these things out something rare in any Hollywood fare today, let alone one aimed at kids. (points for that:)

Other timely life lessons are delivered bluntly but effectively, "Numbers do not decide a battle.'....'Yes, but I'm sure they can help!" There is also a very effective demonstration of the useful nature of close air support.....General Quesada would be proud. :)

There was tremendous applause from the audience at several points in the film, it has all the appearances of being a BIG hit.

I'm glad. This movie deserves to be. It got six bricks.

Update: Rambling Rebuilder has posted another review in which he somehow got the picture of the aformentioned wardrobe item I'd been looking for for 2 hours. He also has a thoughtful review with different links so go check it out.

Update 2: More reviews here.

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