Thursday, November 10, 2005

Less Fun than Getting Paid

Well, after I'd fled the trailer about a month ago....THE WATERHEATER BURST!
Last week, I found out.
I'd shut off the water but the floor is sagging. This seemed to not be unfixable, so I talked to my dad and we gathered up some lumber to fix it. However, there is a terrible black icky mold EVERYWHERE!The farther I got into this the more untenable this wonderful do-it yourself experience seemed.
The mould has liquefied the clothes in my hamper, several of my books and is ravenously consuming the very walls! Every time I pull out furniture or paneling I see this horrid smelly mould that is eating my house.

Stubborn ass I may be, but today I began looking for people who can kill this mould. I finally called the insurance company.....Their advice was to run! 'Seems the black trailereating mould is just plain icky. Their first question was "You're not living in there are you!?"

Now my trailer may well be condemned.

Drat! This SUCKS!!!

As I don't have a digital camera I've had to find substitutions........

Here is a mildly exaggerated representation of what the interior of my trailer looks like. (Note that actual trailer does not have odd sixtiesesqe seats, multiple analog gauges a spiral staircase nor is it oriented to Batman villain specifications).

Here is a view of my how my trailer used to look from the outside...accurate except for such details as the shape, markings, position of nuclear reactor on tower and location in earth orbit.

Here is a representation of what my trailer could look like in a few weeks....note above inaccuracies apply...additionally the mildew in question is fine and black and sticky...not all Spanish mossy

Here is a picture of how I might look if I stay there any more.


This is almost Lovecraftian....
Ok so its not even close.
If it is condemned (as now seems likely) I'll be bum-son for another week or two while I look for a place to live. I'll have enough money for a deposit by then.

On a lighter note...Name the source for the above pictures...Win a NO-PRIZE. :)


bernie tanaka said...

Looks like the man eating fungus from the moon, from"Mutiny in Outer Space"...thought it might be the "blood rust", but it's too hairy...i think the way to save your trailer might be to burn it to the ground, but could be wrong...that's the usual way to deal with predatory fungi, yes?

Ken said...

Yes Bernie you are correct regards the picture source and I am honor bound to send you your 'No Prize' despite your villanous history.

As to the nature of the solution you may well be correct, so you and Mel Fujutsu can have your moment of gloating, but be warned I shall defeat you!!

However, if you can hook me up with Lucy I'm sure we can put all of this unpleasantnes behind us.