Saturday, November 12, 2005

God I'm Old......

It has been 25 years since Star Blazers premiered on American TV.

This was one of the better kids shows ever, and, sad case of arrested development that I am, I still find the show quite enjoyable and inspiring. In an age of CGI , the animation quality of this series does not hold up well and the art is of a style not currently fashionable, but the epic story, and characters that Nishizaki and Matsumoto came up with as well as the superb music of Hiroshi Miyagawa made this show made this show something special.

I used to run the 1/2 mile from the busstop to my house in Zuni, because if I ran really really hard I'd just make it in time to see the opening credits....(the show REALLY had one of the best soundtracks in TV history)

What brought this up was the fact that there is a new web comic over at Starblazers. com. Not sure how much I like the direction it's going in, but it certainly looks interesting.

If that's not your cup of interesting then try Princess Invidias Fashion Page . If THAT doesn't interest're probably in need of religion. :)

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