Thursday, October 27, 2005


People who are talking about how they are sooooooo going to protest the President tomorrow....and making plans to do it while in loudly you can't hear the teacher.

Not being able to see the president tomorrow because of a test.

Brussel sprouts.


Being called a Nazi because you don't oppose the overthrow of a facist like Saddam..(actually that's not hateful, that's just pitiful)

Idiots in Mack Trucks who don't check the hight of the tunnel they're entering.

A 3 legged cat + my lunch.

Cold Showers.

Traffic. UnGodly traffic.

Having the pool closed.

The guy who runs the learning lab...having him lock his keys in there...locking it shut with my AV homework in there.

But all this pales before.....

These two pitiful examples of white trash

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