Friday, October 28, 2005

I Feel Unclean

Of no real significance, but one of those little things that should not be a surprise at all but really caught me off a sick/funny sort of way.

OK, so some "munchausen" told me there is an alternate ending to LaPucelle Tactics. The surprisingly addictive little tactics game you see represented in these cute, innocent, little pictures here.

Well I went net surfing to check this out.....It does not appear to be true.

However, I did find out that there is a huge supply (and presumably a demand for) LaPucelle 'Pr0n'.

Not that Prier isn't cute..... but that's just WRONG!


Modern technology has facillitated making me feel both dirty and old.....

You know....Prier really IS hot in a few of these...
(Did I think that or did I blog that?)

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