Friday, June 10, 2005


Sorry about the nonexistent bloggage.....I've , an excuse

I just aced, I mean in the highest effing grade in the whole class, as in A ( as in A+ if the department had not removed the "plus" from the grading scale), as in a one-hundred-effing-one in my 6 hour a day intensive Oceanography course.

This rocks far more than just getting an A, (which always rocks) it is a huge relief.

After a few post high school years of muddling through life with delusions of adequacy, I finally got my act together in 1992, got a real job at UPS, and restarted school. But an attempt to throw a comic convention blew up in my face in '94 when the partneroids bailed, leaving me bookoo dollars in debt, I had to get additional jobs which destroyed my GPA, put me on academic suspension and caused my student loans to come due....expanding my debt to 40,000 bucks when making 17-24K a year. I was actually living in my car for a few weeks.

Subsequently, once my finances stabilized, I attempted to return to college but schedule changes at work (ALWAYS after the drop-add deadline) stymied this. I finally got a firm schedule and restarted 2001......then Sept. 11 happened.....I dropped out as I expected to be in the military in weeks, but age, and a misread surgery report, delayed me nearly a year, in which time I could have finished 2 semesters. I ended up in the Coast Guard reserve (they granted me the age,/medical waiver) which has proven to be swell on all manner of levels but non-conducive to school. The war has caused multiple mobilizations and 2 dropouts on my part. (I must say, however, I regret being in the Coast Guard not one bit)

Over the last 6 years, I was able to take 1 class for my minor (East Asian Studies) only because the instructor allowed me to do independent study after I could no longer attend class. As a final kick in the teeth, after my Coast Guard training injuries / surgery caused yet another drop out, a couple of my older friends broke ties with me as I "....was going nowhere" . (...Though in fairness I was pretty much channeling Eeyore post surgery)

So after 12 years of fits and starts it is awesomely reassuring to actually be able to finish a class.

This class was the first class I have been able to fully attend since 1993. It is the first I've gotten any credit for in 3 years. AND I ACED IT!!!!!!

Dancetydancetydancetydancetydancetydancetydance!! :)

I could be done in 18 months, but allowing for the likelihood of a 6 month mobilization about 2 years is likely. An even bigger relief is that I'm OFF PROBATION, which means I can transfer if needed without an intermediate step of a year or so at a community college.


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