Friday, June 10, 2005

Holy Crap! I'm on Google!

I've officially arrived.

The article is a review of a Comic Convention I was a co-chairman of back in '99.

I'd never seen the review before and blundered into it just now. The first con I'd thrown had been a disaster, Radcon 94 had 7 guests....and 7 attendees....and pretty much derailed my life (see below). 4 years later one of the guests from Radcon 1 ( Collen Doran) contacted me about another convention. We both thought a convention would fly in this area and after a bit of market reasearch went for it.

The con was a success, in the sense that people really seemed to enjoy themselves, but failed any reasonable cost benefit analysis. For a tremendous ammount of effort we made enough money to pay for a business dinner....over which we decided that this was not going to happen again. Ms. Dorans career was really taking off and I was still in debt and trying to go to school so such tremendous effort was a real destraction from both our long term goals.

Still it's always cool to get a good review.

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