Monday, October 04, 2004


Well, after a week of possum hunting and near misses as the mischevious marsupial made monkeys out of my sister and myself, and ate all our tablescraps, we got the rusted up small animal trap in the shed to work. Last night my dad and I got the big awkward device into the cramped mix of tools, lumber, machinery and laundry that is the family garage. We set it and voilla, this morning i got a phone call from the folks indicating that they had a possum in a box.

With some difficulty we got the trap (with possum) out of the garage as we witnessed the generation of improbably vast quanities of possum pee. Rather than just let it loose in the yard we drove to the Portsmouth Coast Guard Station and set the pinktailed pouched one loose in the woods.

I have NEVER seen a possum run so fast.

And thus ends the saga of the parents garage possum. The dryer vent is fixed as is the the hole in the garage door so the garage is (hopefully) possum pruffed for the winter.

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