Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Possum Patrol

I'm spending the night at my folks house to flee the powerless hotwaterless hickbox. I've got to care for the family pets anyway while they are away so this is not a bad deal. Well, I went into the garage with laundry and was surprised by an example of Americas only marsupial (but see Kangaroos: Errant) After a comical low speed chase through the claustrophobic chaos that is my dads garage the little critter shimmied under the router just out of reach....and feinged death....as possums will. After fighting my way over to get the line-gloves and the catbox; he had resurrected and moved. grrrrrrr.......

I don't want to kill the little animal but possums are particularly poor pets and it has to leave the garage. Thus I wait with a bowl of foodscraps waiting to pounce on the possum and get him outside.

There is always a chance that he will be radioactive and give me peculiar possum powers....Sadly those would likely involve feigning death or a thick ugly prehensile tale.....or perhaps rabies.

Possum patrol continues.....

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