Thursday, September 30, 2004


Gotta be to work in 3 hrs so I'll be napping momentarily.

I was at the Command Post chat for most of the debate which was quite enjoyable.

All in all it was one of the more substantive presidential debates I've seen. Lerher, the moderator, tossing softball questions at Kerry and quite a few leading questions at Bush. The worst being a question to the effect of 'What disqualifies Kerry for the presidency?' (WTF!?)

Bush responded by complimenting Kerry, his service and his family.

Bush is STILL a very poor public speaker, no surprises there, but he did get his point across.

There was very little rancor between the two.

Kerry seemed to suggest giving Iran nuclear materials as a "test". I thought I had to have misheard this but others commented on it as well.

Bush rightly zapped Kerry and particularly Lockhart for dissing Allawi. Kery got the only zinger of a line though IMHO it was based on false premises. (I firmly believe that Iraq was not a mistake. )

All in all a very good debate, neither canidate self destructed and there was a thoughtful and reasoned discussion of the issues involved. I think it is a wash as to who won but Kerry needed a knockout after his bumbled campaign.

I certainly lean towards Bush, but I think this debate really raised the tone of the campaign.....which is the biggest surprise of all.

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