Friday, July 02, 2004

This Is What I'm Talking About....

Well, actually, I haven't talked about it much, it is too depressing and I've lost some 'friends' to it. I'm also afraid of it to be perfectly frank.

"It" is moonbattery.

Michelle of A Small Victory relates the story of some ersatz Michelle who like Michelle Prime is a blogger who has become rather fed up with where the left is going these days. She posted about her disillusionment on her blog, and her 'friends' turned on her, leaving hateful, nasty, repugnant comments on her site. How hateful you ask? Well, frankly I don't know 'cause the asshats then deleted her site...see...(Blogger then went and deleted the site).

Harvey, has the skinny.

Michelle (of ASV) has two recent posts on this that should be read here and here. Both left me feeling uneasy....because Michelle is right....and not just in her politics.....this polarization is really scary.

Look at this , it is on the inside back cover of the Nation....not a far left moonbat rag...the moonbats aren't far left anymore.

Back in 2002 I had just taken the oath and was getting ready to leave for Cape May for indoc into the US Coast Guard when I got a phone call from a friend inviting me to her husbands birthday party. I explained that I could not as I was off to join the Coast Guard. There was a silence...then laughter on the other end. I asked what was funny and she told me that 'if I got killed in Bushs'little war, it would be the definition of poetic justice 'cause I'd voted for him'. She thought this was the very picture of wit....I have never spoken to them again.

I'm really worried that the utter nihilism of the left is going to tear the country apart. I'm not nearly as worried about the reprehensible wingnuts on the right simply because they understand who the real enemy is, (terrorists...not Bush) they are nuts but not nihilists and we on the right don't really give them the time of day.

When people stop talking....but refuse to walk good can happen. This is what I fear.

Well we can fight this in some small way....Go to Michelles site and give her some comfort and support.

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